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Yoga practice builds a bridge to better living. Train your body, train your attention, enjoy the adventure.

Robbie Norris
Photo: Todd Hale

Welcome to Yoga For Everyone

Despite the popularity of yoga many people do not know where to start, and are uncomfortable with the notion of practicing yoga with a group of strangers. I enjoy introducing any group or individual to the specific Ashtanga Yoga practice – and I come to your location and guarantee your satisfaction (see How This Teaching Works).

My mission is to teach people privately the same fundamental yoga practice that I have practiced daily since 2001: The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. This practice is a healing, meditative template that can be used by anyone, offering benefits that begin immediately with the Introduction and Demonstration in your home or other venue.

   ~ Robbie Norris


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  The Posture Should be Steady and Comfortable -- Yoga Sutra 2.46
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