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Featured Student: Ryan Gorman

Ryan learned the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series practice over six months in 2010, with private lessons on her own schedule, fortified by consistent self-practice monitored by me. She now lives in Northern VA and continues to practice on her own. I have met no one who practices daily a 60 to 90-minute specific yoga practice, who learned it by going to a yoga class at a studio on a bi-weekly frequency – for any length of time.

"Robbie is fantastic I could not have found a better yoga instructor! He is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and he walks the walk. What I am most grateful for, is that from day one Robbie demonstrated the importance of a daily practice and then taught me how to do just that. It is very empowering to see your practice deepen without being completely dependent on a studio or instructor. Since starting lessons with Robbie my body feels the benefits ten times over. I carry less tension in my body, and when I do feel tense I have a terrific way to work it out. I have been a runner and used gym equipment for years. I was looking for a gentler more sustainable form of exercise. Ashtanga yoga has been exactly what I was looking for, and I feel the benefits mentally as well as physically. Thank you Robbie – yoga has been life changing!"

Ryan Gorman, 29, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner




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