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Featured Student: Peter Culley

"Having careful instruction is really comforting when you start yoga and Robbie carefully gauges the pupil's ability and instructs accordingly. I really liked his mantra of not trying to push yourself too far or too soon, not to be too ambitious. This is certainly contrary to how many of us approach most tasks these days and once I got the hang of it it was a welcome change. Of course you improve, and quite quickly, but not by forcing the issue. I learnt a lot from that.

But more than anything I have always enjoyed Robbie's outlook. I sense that he had found yoga to be so beneficial personally that he simply wanted others to reap the same rewards. I find his interest in working with people who perhaps have not found yoga the most obvious step quite inspiring, particularly when you listen to them speak about the ways it has improved their lives."

Peter Culley, 39, Filmmaker, and lead architect for the recently completed work on the VMFA.


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